Permanent solution for your teeth.

Dental implant.

It is the best solution by your dentist when it comes to replacing lost teeth. The dental implants are shaped like a tooth root and, by means of a minimally invasive intervention, they are placed in the bone of the patient's jaw, replacing the root of the lost tooth. Highly biocompatible materials are used in its manufacture, such as titanium or zirconium, which allow a union to the bone called osseointegration.

Now, at Blancodent, your nearby dentist, we have a new technology where we can use the dental biomaterial obtained from the tooth extracted from the patient, in order to provide almost perfect osseointegration. Thus, dental biomaterials of animal and / or synthetic origin are avoided. There is nothing more exact than your own DNA!

The main reason why we find it convenient to replace a lost tooth with an dental implant, in addition to aesthetics and physical appearance, is because of the loss of bone in the jaw, which, with age, can cause serious consequences for the patient dental health.

Once the dental implant is implanted,

the prosthesis is placed that will allow to restore the masticatory, phonetic and aesthetic functions of the patient. The prostheses can be fixed or removable.

The fixed prosthesis supported by the implants may be cemented or screwed to the implant.

The fixed prosthesis cannot be removed from the mouth and its placement requires a greater number of implants (6-8).

The removable prosthesis is supported by a smaller number of implants (2-4), and it can be easily removed from the mouth, favoring daily hygiene. It is a cheaper version than the fixed prosthesis.

Dental implant is very short and simple.

In the last 7 years a new, minimally invasive technique has been used, developed by experts in Germany. The great novelty of this technique is that it allows the placement of dental implants without making any type of incision or suture, thus avoiding pain, bleeding and swelling, which are the main fears of patients in this type of treatment. It is a breakthrough for people with diabetes, smokers, the elderly, etc. Reducing trauma reduces the failure rate.


It is the firm, stable and durable union between the implant and the bone itself. For this union to occur, the implantation technique used and the collaboration of the patient are very important, especially in the first weeks. It is relevant to add that most implants are successful, without rejection. At Dental Clinic Blancodent, by using their own genetic material (obtained from the extracted tooth), the immune reaction is avoided.


There are few absolute contraindications, such as malignant tumors, radiation therapy in large doses, specific infections, or serious diseases, some medications (Bisosphonates), which influence bone metabolism, altering normal healing.

¿Can the dental implant and tooth be placed on the same day?

In very specific and favorable cases, implants and teeth can be placed on the same day. In selected cases, we place an implant and a temporary resin sleeve. The temporary sleeve will be replaced by the permanent ceramic or zirconium sleeve when the healing period passes.

About the price of an implant.

There are different solutions within a wide economic range. The treatment with a higher cost is the fixed prosthesis; Depending on the material used, a prosthesis can have different prices but always using quality materials. Therefore, a resin prosthesis will not have the same price as a porcelain or zirconium prosthesis. It is important to be advised by your dentist in Las Palmas, specialists in dental implantology, who will give you the most appropriate solution to your functional and / or economic demand. But in any case, the functionality and the look will be similar and that means you can say goodbye to your dentures too!

¿Can implant be placed to improve my current prosthesis?

If the patient already has a prosthesis, comfort and function can also be improved by placing 2-4 implants in unstable complete prostheses, achieving better anchorage without the need to change the prosthesis. Economically, an optimal result is achieved with a minimum investment, thus eliminating the need to use denture adhesives, from a pharmacy (type COREGA).